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Hunter Braiding - $45

Hunter Tail Braid - $15

Running  Braid - $10

Western Banding - $25

Mane Pulling - $40

Mane Trim - $10

Mane Pull and Trim - $45




Tips When Having Your Horse Braided:

  • DON'T cut the mane too short! For the best braiding job, leave the mane at least 4 inches long. If you are unsure about the length, leave the mane a little longer and the braider can trim the mane before or after they have finished. Most braiders would rather trim the mane than have to deal with a mane that is too short.

  • DON'T wash the mane the same day as braiding. If you must wash it, do so a couple days before being braided - but a “dirty” mane always works best! Also, do not put any hair product, conditioner, show sheen, etc in the mane. This causes the mane to be slippery and makes it hard to tighten the braids.

  • DO pull your horse's mane (or hire someone to do it) if your horse has a thick mane. Thick manes do not end up looking very nice when braided, and they are a pain for the braider! Some braiders will even charge extra for thick manes because it can take them twice as long to finish.

  • DO plan on being available to hold your horse for the braider IF your horse does not like to hold still. Inform your braider of any issues, habits, etc. that your horse may have.

  • DO have a sleazy hood available to put on your horse as soon as your horse is finished being braided. If your horse has the tendency to rub his/her mane, consider putting 2 sleazy hoods on and/or have your horse stand tied when in the stall until its time to show.


I hope these tips will help for when you plan on having your horse braided. If you follow these guidelines, your horse will be sure to have great looking braids for the show!!



**For all services, I will travel up to a 20 mile radius (from Perrysburg, OH). Locations outside 20 miles may include an extra gas charge per location visit. I will travel further distances for multiple horses, please contact me for more details. There are no additional gas charges for services at events and shows that I plan on attending.**